The Designer

When I was a little girl I used to design clothes collections with the help of my mother and I tried to morph them into something tangible by sewing them and using them to dress my dolls. Growing up I proceeded to sewing clothes for myself using the moulage technique, since I hadn’t yet been taught the pattern making technique. Until one day a friend of mine asked me to create her wedding dress. It was then that I realized I had to study Fashion Design, something that hadn’t been possible until then due to some financial issues that my family was having. I studied at “Veloudakis Fashion School” and attended several Haute Couture seminars. My first Atelier used to be one of the rooms in my then apartment and I only owned a small sewing machine. Soon after that the machines became three and my clients many, so I realized it was time for me to take the next step forward. The opening of atelier “Ayrin Bridal etc.” was a dream come true.”

The Atelier

The “Ayrin Bridal” atelier was founded by fashion designer Eirini Aggelopoulou in Athens, with the purpose of becoming a source for inspiration and creation for every bride who prepares for the big day. The name Ayrin may sound like the name Eirini, but it literally is an Arabic name meaning trust, passion, brightness, concepts that enhance the designer’s vision. The atelier is situated in a beautiful, two-storey building full of imaginative creations ready to welcome every future bride. Everything, from the design, the cutting, the sewing, the embroidering to the appointments and the fittings take place there. Eirini believes that all the elements of creating the brides dream dress need to be familiar and personal.

The Philosophy

For Eirini, every design is special, it is the manifestation of every woman’ s inner beauty. The brides who trust her not only can they choose amongst the samples of the collections , but also create a unique gown with the help of the designer, based on their own style and personality. Every wedding dress is designed and sewn from scratch resulting in a custom- made creation. It is the goal of the designer to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, through her personal interest for every bride separately, in order to highlight her uniqueness. The youthful enthusiasm, the fresh and innovative ideas, the use of quality materials, the perfectly made pattern designs, the strict attention to detail, the abilities of her collaborators, as well as the fact that she keeps up with the latest fashion trends, have turned Eirini into an ascending bridal designer in Greece and the atelier “Ayrin Bridal etc.” into a place that every bride must visit. Each dress is a reminder that a little girl’s dream can come true.